Corporate Traveller

A simple solution for Business Travel

Many travel companies are choosing to offer a specialist business travel service as one of their chosen niches. Like any other specialisation, business travel requires specialist tools; today’s corporate customer is looking for an online booking tool to save both time and money, but simply rebranding your leisure website won’t cut it.

TelMe’s award winning Corporate Traveller is a travel management tool designed to help businesses manage their travel online whilst still getting access to all of their preferred fares. Ideally suited to the SME market Corporate Traveller is a superb introductory travel management tool.

Not just booking but managing

The difference between business and leisure travel is volume; even the best leisure client may only travel four times a year – a frequent business traveller will travel four times a month and four trips in a week isn’t out of the question. This volume requires managing - each trip must be accounted for correctly, the right mileage points applied and the right authorisation received before the trip can go ahead.

Corporate Traveller allows you to control which users access which content. A traveller can manage their own bookings, a booker may have access to bookings for a number of travellers and each corporate client will have an administrator to review their entire organisations trips. Once designated each user can be further profiled and given access to certain parts of the system including basic travel policy, seating and meal preferences, payment preferences and mileage cards. Unlike an offline system a traveller can manage their own profile with access 24/7 no need to bother either their travel agent or their travel booker.

Controlling Spend

Business travel is about control and not only will Corporate Traveller ensure all the correct internal references are collected before completing the booking, but it will also block or highlight chosen carriers according to the clients, or your specifications. If your client has just signed a deal with United then you can mandate it for all travellers, or just the sales team, or everyone except the Chairman.

Once the trip is booked, Corporate Traveller gives authorised bookers access to pre trip reporting – have two people booked to go and see the same supplier in Hong Kong in the same month? Perhaps someone is making four European trips throughout the month – combining these into a single trip may save hundreds of pounds? Once travel is completed Corporate Traveller will give you access to instant management information – Who are the top travellers and what was their reason for travelling? Corporate Traveller puts you and your corporate client in control.

…and finally

Corporate Traveller offers many outstanding innovations and as a web based tool it can easily be customised to include other web based booking environments, a preferred car hire partner, a rail booking service, or a range of travel information sites. The most popular feature however, is the simplest - Corporate Traveller retains a full itinerary library allowing travellers and bookers to discover in an instant where they flew on March 16th, whether their BA miles were included on the trip and the name of that really cool hotel in Bratislava that the boss should definitely use when they are next passing through.

For a travel management solution that puts your clients in charge of their travel without you loosing control of the client then look no further than Corporate Traveller.

Key benefit summary

  • Written specifically for business travel.
  • Integrates with other travel sites to create a unique portal for your client.
  • Can be over branded to suit corporates, TMC’s or both.
  • Allows travellers & bookers to amend their own profiles 24/7.
  • Allows travellers and bookers access to check minor details.
  • Pre and post trip management reporting.