The TelMe Dashboard

The TelMe Dashboard provides a single, customised hub for your clients to manage their travel. Fully branded with your company logo or your clients’, the Dashboard provides a single point for all travel related technology to converge. Whether their preferred booking engine is yours or their own, whether they use the Evolvi system E-Tools, it all comes together in the same tool.

Dashboard seamlessly logs into:


  • Evolvi
  • E-Tools
  • Hotelzon
  • e-WorldShopper
  • TelMe technology IBEs and FareViewers
  • Global Profiler

Once online the Single Sign-On technology (SSO) will automatically sign you in to all of the various travel management tools you have chosen to incorporate in your particular dashboard. The range of travel tools available can then be customised not only by client company, but also by specific role. Obviously the online booking tool forms the heart of this application for travel bookers, but what about a visa database or a management information tool?

The right tools for the job

Software tools are no different to their traditional cousins; you may be able to use a spanner but not as well as your local mechanic and your excel skills will be put to shame by a financial analyst. The TelMe Dashboard can recognise this and put the right tools in the hands of the right people. Travel bookers need booking tools and visa information, travellers may also want information on the places they are visiting. The FD may not need to book travel but wants access to the monthly statements and performance information. The CEO may want a traveller tracking tool or access to risk analysis information. Using the TelMe Dashboard you can control who has access to which tools so everyone gets the information they need.

Corporate dashboards are fast becoming the norm, allowing executives the ability to see all aspects of their business at a single glance. Your clients are probably already using dashboards to monitor their business operations. It seems only right for travel management to catch up.