e-WorldShopper facilitates global airfare trade. Fares from all over the world are brought together in one place for the first time, allowing expert travel consultants to make massive fare savings from overseas partners. It’s a two way street with your local market fares exposed to the widest possible audience.

Any Fare! Any GDS! Any Country! Any Currency!

In a global economy you must convince your client that you have the best deals; not only in your home market but also around the world.

E-WorldShopper is the global fares database from TelMe. In a single search you can access the published and private fares from any of your overseas colleagues, subject to their permission, of course! Not only will you be able to compare your deals with theirs but also check the difference between their GDS and your own.

As a professional travel agent you may be frustrated by the different rules airlines have in different countries; fares are cheaper on the same airline just because they are booked in another country. Equally frustrating are the discrepancies between GDS, you may have won – or lost – a major account because your GDS incorrectly quoted a fare. As we move toward a true global economy these issues become more important, to save money your clients may have their overseas colleagues make their bookings for them - you lose business due to something you have no control over.

Who benefits?

There are many Global Travel Companies and it is becoming increasingly more difficult to differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace.

The creative use of technology, can achieve three objectives for you:

  • A common technology platform proves that you are thinking globally and acting locally.
  • E-WorldShopper, unlike other products, is totally unique. It will differentiate your company from any other global travel organisation.
  • Making the most creative use of advanced technology will create a technological pre-eminence for your global brand.

Return on Investment

With e-WorldShopper your return will come from:

  • Winning global accounts – As a unique product, E-WorldShopper will get you on to more shortlists and provide a greater competitive advantage than any other single service you offer.
  • Saving your clients money – If your fee structure allows, you will benefit from generating increased savings for your clients.