Global Profiler

Global Profiler streamlines the often fragmented business of traveller profile management into an accessible browser based, GDS independent format. Profiles are updated directly into the GDS of choice, either by end user clients, agency staff allowing instant and remote updates without costly phone calls or emails.

The Benefits

Global Profiler has three main target groups, each benefit in different ways:

Total Control

  • The Traveller
  • >> Can update his profile anywhere, any time, to include new credit card details, a new mileage scheme, or a new mobile phone number.
    >> Will know that this information is available to his travel management firm’s partners anywhere on the globe.

Total service

  • The Corporate Client
  • >> Gets a global solution to their needs.
    >> Reduction in booking errors and re-issues due to incorrect information.
  • The Travel Management Company
  • >> Removes a time consuming task.
    >> A standard profile format is created – ensuring quality standards compliance.
    >> Reduces booking errors.
    >> Moves responsibility for maintaining the quality of data to the client, whilst delivering an increase in service levels.
    >> Can move to another GDS, or multi GDS solution without the need to re-key every profile.
Return on Investment

Your primary return on investment will come from time and cost savings:

  • The cost of keying and re-keying this essential information.
  • The cost of correcting the errors that arise from incorrect information.
  • The time saved on routine tasks, allowing your colleagues to focus on yourclients and their bookings.