Tactical Fares

Simply and quickly promotes your special offers and shows when they are available.

You have worked hard in negotiating contracts from the airlines; you have spent time and money in creating a consumer site with an online booking facility. How do you promote deals and create the sales?

Taking control of your web and email marketing campaigns has now become essential in the competitive arena of online travel. Here is a marketing tool that can promote either published fares or your nett fare special offers, with real time availability on your website.

TelMe provide you with the tools to load details of specific fares you want to sell to your chosen target audience.

Tactical Offers will search for these offers and present them on your website or as an embedded link in an email for your customers to click through and book; with the added advantage of the price they see being the price they pay.

All this is automatically updated overnight through your server.

What makes Tactical Offers so different?

  • Each offer has an individual URL enabling you to create specific email campaigns and promotions to your chosen target audience.
  • Links to individual fares or geographical fare groupings are presented on your home page or in banner ads.
  • Avoid legislative challenges; Tactical Offers proves the availability of your offers.